How to Host a Brunch Tea Party with Pastries (Part 3 of 3)

Homemade pastries are a delicacy many of us don’t have the time or ability to make ourselves, but there’s a way to get those home-baked flavors from La Duni and Kessler Cookies with just a few clicks on We’ll make it easy to create a relaxing tea party or brunch at home without opening your oven. In this multi-part blog series, we’re showing how easy it is to put together a tea party brunch for Mother’s Day or any special Sunday.

Tea Party Pastries

In Part 1 we covered how to brew a delicious Chocolate Mint Iced Tea from scratch, and in Part 2 we gave tips for pairing cheeses with teas. We’ve saved the easiest step for last: how to select cakes and pastries and serve everything together as a tea party.

Tea Party Cakes

Rollo de Canela Y Nuez

Forget dirtying all of the cake pans, worrying about burning something and making a big icing mess. You can even skip the trip to the grocery store. Take the stress-free route and order mom a gourmet La Duni cake with Mother’s Day delivery. (The rest of your family will be glad you did, too.) Any of La Duni’s cakes would be an excellent tea party centerpiece, but the Rollo de Canela, a butter and cinnamon brioche roll filled with toasted, caramelized Texas pecans, is a perfect morning treat, especially with coffee. Whoever said to eat dessert last, hasn’t tasted one of these. Break the rules and indulge, that’s what holidays are for!

Tea Party Pastries & Candles

Tea Party Pastries

Depending on how many family members will be attending your tea party, you can vary the amounts and flavors of “supporting pastries”, if you will. Combine La Duni’s scones, Apple Pastry, glorias, mantecadas, and cupcakes with Kessler’s cookiesbrownies and nut clusters—it’s hard to go wrong and the combinations are endless. La Duni even offers flower scented candles in frosted glass pillars to complete the tea party atmosphere.

Tea Party Servingware

La Duni Cuatro Leches Cake

You don’t need to have fancy servingware to get a nice tea party look. First, go to your mother’s cabinet and pull out your family’s heirlooms; grab a tea pot, a special vase for flowers, a cake stand, and two big serving plates. If you don’t have a cake stand, find three nice glasses and a large circular plate, invert the glasses and put the plate on top. No need to match everything, try mixing your crystal and china for an eclectic look with pieces that will be bring back memories for your family.

The simple key to creating a professional-looking table spread is to display food at varying heights. Simply stack different shapes and sizes of boxes under the tablecloth or cover each box in a different fabric. Lay your platters of food on top of the boxes to add dimension and height. Remember that odd numbers always look better.

Add Costumes

Invite your extended family or make it a ladies’ afternoon with your friends’ mothers and daughters, too. Play it up in style—dig into the attic trunk and bring out the white gloves, fancy hats, and mink wrap. Don’t forget to take snapshots to capture the everlasting memories! While you’re having fun with the props, we’ll run around town to pick up the groceries and deliver them to your door at the time you select.

Let us know how your tea party turns out with a comment below, and please share your photos on our Facebook Page—we want to see those hats!

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