We’re in the news! Chicago Sun-Times reviews artizone’s service (we think they liked it)

Our latest news coverage is from the Chicago Sun Times. Writer Lisa Fedorowicz tried out our service, and well, we think she likes us, she really, really likes us! (We are channeling our inner Sally Fields, yes).

Of our delivery she said,

All of the food items I ordered — broccoli, bananas, ground beef, yogurt, in addition to the pasta and fish — tasted fresh and were very good. I also like knowing which stores are providing the food. Placing an order was easy and my delivery person, Josie Kaluzny, was very nice. And since I’m the type of cook/baker who will pay a little more for certain products, I’m sure I’ll order from artizone again.

What else can we ask for? Thanks to Lisa and The Sun Times for giving us a shot. We hope to see you again soon!


About Artizone

Artizone is an online food delivery service offering quality meats, cheeses, desserts, herbs, produce, Italian foods, and jams for delivery in the Dallas and Chicago areas.
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