Mama’s Nuts! joins Artizone Chicago

Mama’s Nuts!, a nut-based confectioner in Chicago is a small operation — with a big back story (and yes, the double entendre is intentional). Co-founders Adrienne Lo and Abraham Conlon started Mama’s Nuts! because of their interest in preserving treasured family recipes (combined with their culinary curiosity and desire to create new recipes and traditions).

Lo recalls that her mother would make peanut brittle every year for the holidays and give it out to friends and family. “Every year people wanted her to start her own company, but she was a busy mother and she wasn’t in a position to do it. She just made the brittle for fun,” Lo says.

Lo and Conlon originally partnered together to create x-marx Chicago — an popular underground supper club. They soon learned that they both had beloved, nut-based family recipes. Lo says, “I started making the peanut brittle and giving it to my family and friends and then I decided to market the product. Abraham’s grandmother always made wonderful spiced pecans (now called Pauline’s Pecans).

We realized that we both had family recipes that we wanted to preserve and share with other people and Mama’s Nuts! was born,” says Lo.

Mama’s Nuts! formally launched at DOSE Market last fall. They are proud to offer customers five different products through the website (with plans for many additional products in the coming months).  Lo thought that would be a great way to market her products to people that she might not otherwise be able to reach. Plus, she notes that, “people are looking for more convenient ways to shop and I wanted to be a part of this great group of local small businesses.”

For those customers that are new to Mama’s Nuts!, Lo recommends trying the smoked paprika almonds first. “People who say that they don’t like smoked flavors try them and love them. People are amazed at how much flavor is in a single nut,” Lo says. She also advises new customers to take a look at the Mama’s Nuts! website and sign up for the monthly newsletter to get new recipe ideas and uses for the products.

“We are so happy to share our family recipes with people because everyone has a mother or grandmother who makes something wonderful. It is important to preserve these recipes,” says Lo.

Check out for a full listing of Mama’s Nuts! products.

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