We welcome Danny Macaroons to Artizone!

macaroonsOprah likes them. What’s not to love?

From New York to Chicago, Artizone’s newest artisan Danny Macaroons has come a long way to serve macaroon-lovers a whole party of its decadent treats. Mentioned by the likes of Martha Stewart, the Chicago Tribune and Oprah(!), Danny Macaroons is the product of more than a decade of founder Danny Cohen’s gusto for the confection.

“Everything is hand-made in small batches and hand-packed,” he says. “We put a ton of care into the production of every macaroon, ever drizzle of salted caramel, and every roasted almond and we think that shines through in every bite.”

What started as a simple Passover tradition of baking the goodies for family bloomed into an unexpected business after Cohen visited a Manhattan coffee shop with a batch. He had just started working for a software development startup and had no minds of starting another of his own, and yet, his fan base grew all on its own.

Danny Macaroons are naturally gluten-free and come in a wide variety, including its famous Salted Caramel coconut macaroons.

“[They’re] our most popular favor…and for good reason: they’re [expletive] delicious,” he says.

Among other kinds are Maple Pecan Pie and Stoopid — macaroons filled with potato chips, pretzels and pieces of butterfinger, then generously drizzled with dark chocolate. Cohen loves his double chocolate or chocolate almond ‘roons with his coffee.

Cohen says they try to make each one “the best one ever” by hand-making and hand-packing them fresh every day. Danny Macaroons also make their own salted caramel and chocolate blend to ensure no other macaroon comes close.

And for customers who want to whip up their own magic, Cohen suggests checking out The Macaroon Bible that he published last year. Each of the over 40 recipes is a testament to the goodness that goes into every coconut delight.

“We take a lot of pride in creating what many people believe is the best macaroon they’ve ever had, and we like to partner with folks who take a similar amount of pride in what they do,” Cohen says. “I think Artizone’s mission is great and I love to work with other companies that care about delivering the best possible products to their customers.”


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