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Let Artizone’s alcohol delivery service liven up your holiday

At Artizone, we’ve got spirits. Yes we do. And we have plenty of wine and beer, too. You’ll have to pardon our throwback to that time we made the JV spirit squad, but our alcohol delivery service really is something to cheer about. … Continue reading

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Red Snapper Parcels in 1888 Artisan Olive Juice with Julienned Vegetables

Just when you thought 1888’s All-Natural Olive Juice was only hanging around your pantry to dirty up your martinis, think again. Kenneth’s blend of pure olive flavor, brine, and pimiento is just the kick that makes this recipe unlike anything … Continue reading

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New Food Shops Coming Soon

Our new food shop owners are already busy growing, raising, baking, rolling and pressing a fresh batch of artisan foods for you. We started with six of the best gourmet food shops in Dallas, and by this summer we will … Continue reading

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Artizone Summer Soiree at The Grape Restaurant

On Thursday, July 21, Artizone teamed up with one of the top restaurants in Dallas, The Grape, to host a Summer soiree filled with food, wine, and fun. The Grape owner and head chef, Brian Luscher, prepared a tapas style dinner using … Continue reading

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